Making Word and PowerPoint more interesting

October 30, 2007

Most people know how to use Word and PowerPoint to create simple worksheets and presentations, but there are a number of features less commonly used that can add more interactivity and interest.

– Here is a document about adding sound, hyperlinks, creating drag and drop activities,word and using the forms toolbar in Word.

Enhancing Word

– Here is a document to help you add interesting features to your PowerPointpowerpoint presentations, for example sound, images and buttons.

Enhancing PowerPoint

Image manipulation and fun stuff with photos

October 16, 2007

You no longer need to buy expensive photo editing software to do creative things with your images. Go to the following sites instead:


This is a very simple site. Upload your image to the page and you can resize, crop, add text and add a number of effects, then save back to your documents.


You need to sign in (which is free) to this site. It does similar things to Wiredness, but you can also add speech bubbles, merge photos and add a few more effects.

fd’s Flickr ToysWarholizer

This site has a large number of ideas for things to do with your images, for example:

1. Make a calendar.
2. Use the Warholizer.
3. Create trading cards.
4. Create a Hockney-inspired photo montage.
5. Make your own magazine cover.


October 15, 2007

AnimationAll posts about projects we have undertaken in our partnership will be tagged “projects”.


October 15, 2007

You will soon be able to find useful resources here for use in your classroom…

Ancient Egypt Trail

October 4, 2007


SSCLC have been working with the South Yorkshire e-Learning Programme (SYeLP) to create an Ancient Egypt Trail at Weston Park Museum using ultra-mobile computers (UMPCs). The computers are smaller than a laptop, and are ideal for carrying around the museum to complete the work. SYeLP created some interactive content to go on the computers, including images of exhibits, videos of the curator, and interactive quizzes and games to help the pupils learn. Pupils recorded their voices to answer questions about what they learnt.

Three ShabtisA class of year 6 pupils trialled the Trail last term, and they really enjoyed using the computers. Their teacher said “Giving the children a chance to record their voices really focussed them on what they were trying to say.”

A number of primary teachers will be attending a training session on using the Trail on the 22nd October at the museum.

Photo by Sheffield Galleries and Museums Trust