Excellent MFL websites

Here are my favourite new and old sites that can be used for modern languages lessons and revision:Lingro

1. http://lingro.com/ – open a foreign language (French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish) website in Lingro – by pasting the address into the box, and you can click on any word on the page for a translation. It then stores any words you’ve looked at, and you can create games using your word list – at present this only includes Flashcards, but they promise more later on. And all for free! Particularly good for AS/A2 students undertaking research.

2. http://www.mangolanguages.com/ – free online language course – learn Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Pig Latin or Russian. Good for independent study at home.

3. An old favourite http://www.quia.com/ – Click on ‘Try it Today’ to access hundreds of vocabulary and grammar revision exercises in all the main languages.

4. Another one that hasbeen around a while is http://www.spellmaster.com/ – this has games packs for revising vocabulary in a numberof languages. It also provides templates for you to create your own activities.

Viel SGerman flagSpanish flagFrench Flagpaß! ¡Disfruta! Amuse-toi bien!


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