The Gingerbreadman

February 14, 2008

Junior 2 class at Oakes Park School spent Thursday afternoons last half term at the CLC creating an animation about a gingerbread man. They painted the sets and created the characters in plasticine, and wrote the script at school. The students then filmed the story at the CLC and edited the footage into a film with their own musical narration. The students (and staff) really enjoyed the project and will be entering the film into a couple of awards.


Human anatomy

February 8, 2008

Here are two good websites to explore the human body, excellent for science or sports science lessons. is a reasonably simple site with sections onthe brain, skeleton, digestive system and heart. Take tours, put bones in the right place, watch animations and organise your organs.  is more detailed with a complete, fully interactive, 3D human anatomy model and detailed models of all body systems.