We’re moving!

March 17, 2008

We are moving out of the CLC on Thursday 20th March for work to start on a new extension. The CLC will be extended by 7 metres out the front, to create a new classroom which will be equipped with high end PCs, and a film and sound studio. Our current room 1 will become a flexible space, for performance, animation, green screen projects, or simply as a classroom with laptops. We are planning on re-opening in September 2008.
The CUBE project is moving to West CLC, based at Myers Grove School, for the duration of the closure. CLC staff are going to be based at the Bannerdale Centre on Carterknowle Road. You can still reach us on our normal phone number (0114) 2587728, and our e-mail will remain the same. During this time we will be available to work directly in schools on projects, and we will still have access to our equipment.

TagCrowd – looking at high frequency words

March 14, 2008

Image 1

TagCrowd is a website that creates a tag cloud (like the one on the left showing tags on this blog) from any web page or piece of text you enter. In a tag cloud the most frequently used words appear bigger. This application would be ideal for use in Modern Languages, looking at high frequency words (see image 1 above), in English for text analysis (see image 2 below, tag cloud of Lear’s poem “The Jumblies”) or for any subject where students need to learn keywords.

The website can be accessed here.

Image 2

Comic Life

March 11, 2008

Comic Life is an excellent bit of software that helps students create very attractive comic strips, using photos, speech bubbles, colourful titles and a large number of layouts. It can be used for story-telling, or story-boarding a film or play, and therefore is useful in a large number of curriculum areas. Recently at the CLC it was used to tell the story of Martin Luther King in history, and also to storyboard the French films about the new school.

See examples Notre college and Notre college 2.

The CLC has Comic Life in both large computer rooms, or you can download a 30 day free trial from http://plasq.com/products/ It has both PC and Mac versions.

Notre collège Newfield

March 5, 2008

Plans for new schoolA group of year 9 students at Newfield School spent a day creating films about the building of their new school. They took digital photos and shot video of the old school and the building site, then created storyboards using Comic Life. Finally they edited the photos and video in Windows Movie Maker, adding title and French voiceovers to create the final film.