BBC video clips for all subjects

April 14, 2008

video example

Check out the Learning Zone on the BBC website ( for a wealth of video clips for primary and secondary education, across all subjects. This is how they describe the resource:

“The Learning Zone provides rich audio-visual material for use in primary and secondary schools and colleges. These short videos have been selected to match the curriculum; they can be used in many ways, from the stimulation and engagement of students to the delivery of very specific learning points.”

Power League – stimulating debate

April 10, 2008

Power League

This website from Futurelab describes itself as a “fun and easy way to explore any topic […] Power League is a versatile resource that lets you ask tough questions, stimulates debate and creates a visual league table based on votes gathered across your group.” Essentially you choose a question, for example, “Which is the bigger cause of climate change?”and set up a league. Students are offered a series of random choices between two people or things, e.g. Deforestation and Farming, each backed up with a link to more information. After they’ve made a number of choices you can view the league. Currently in the World Power League (“Who do you wish had more power?”) Albert Einstein is top of the list, Michael Owen second from bottom.

This ideal for use in English, Citizenship, Geography, History, RE and indeed any subject that asks students to make decisions about aspects of what they are studying and be able to debate why they made that choice. The website includes a number of lesson plans.

World Power League

CLC Extension Update #1

April 10, 2008

Work has now started on the CLC extension, and you’ll no longer be able to use the car park or the building. As mentioned in the previous post, we’re now based at the Bannerdale Centre on Carterknowle Road. You can still contact us on our usual e-mail addresses and phone number (2587728). Our new address is:

Sheffield South City Learning Centre
Room 118
Bannerdale Centre
125 Carterknowle Road
Sheffield S7 2EX

CLC extension 2CLC extension work