Greek myths brought to life at Bankwood

Year 5 pupils at Bankwood Community Primary School spent a day recreating the legend of Theseus and the Minotaur in plasticine, with hand drawn sets. Each group created an animation of a chapter of the story using I-Can-Animate software, then edited the film using iMovie – adding music and effects. All of the students put a great deal of effort and enthusiasm into the project, as you can see from the film above (this is a combination of scenes from both classes).


13 Responses to Greek myths brought to life at Bankwood

  1. Lorraine says:

    Year 5 pupils at Bankwood Community Primary School,
    You did an incredible job recreating the legend of Theseus and the Minotaur! I enjoyed watching ti very much and will share it with my students in the fall.
    Regards from Boston, MA

  2. charlotte says:

    This is my class and the other y5 classes animation its lots of hard work we all worked together in groups hope you enjoyed it!!!! me and my friends did the sceen that was multi-coloured
    Regards from Bankwood comunity primary school gleadless valley

  3. charlotte says:

    There is one speical person every one at Y5 bankwood primary school would like to thank “Cathrine from the CLC ” Hopefully next year we will get to take part in another animation!!!!!
    Regards from Y5 Bankwood comunity primary school gleadless valley

  4. charlotte says:

    Thankyou lorine for your nice comment hope your students enjoy it as much as our school did !!!!!!!
    Regards Bankwood comunity school gleadless valley

  5. Linsay says:

    That woz fantastic!! You all did really well & must have worked really hard.
    Well done x

  6. morgan says:

    thankx for the comments ! we all really enjoyed it !!! it was fab well done to my class and miss laws !!!

    regards morgan a y5 student at bankwood x

  7. dannielle says:

    my scene is the last scene the one where king minos jump off the high white cliff i had really much fun one that day and i would like to say thanks to Cathrine.

  8. ria and daisy.w says:

    this is my class and the other one we work right hard it ROCK!XXXXXXXXXXX

  9. jamie.????????????? says:

    that was a great anamation

  10. georgia says:

    I did some animation clc because I go to bank wood we did theseus and the minator Idid not think it whould be as good as it is


  11. Miss Dewick and Miss Law says:

    First of all we have to say a massive thank you to Catherine Moore from CLC Sheffield South. She spent two whole days in school with us and then went away and created the most amazing DVD showcasing the children’s work.

    We were well prepared for the day with Catherine’s clear instructions about what she wanted the children to achieve. The equipment was set up quickly and efficiently and the children were taught how to use the equipment themselves.

    The equipment and software was brilliant and the chldren picked up how to use it really quickly. It was really interesting to watch how careful the children were and how much time, effort and patience they put into making their scene the best it could be. When it came to adding the voiceovers and music, the creativity and use of their literacy skills was fantastic.

    The final product when all the scenes were put together for both classes looks very professional and is very enjoyable to watch!

    They thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. We are so proud of what they have produced and can’t wait to show everyone in school during our assembly!

    Well done Y5!

    Miss Dewick and Miss Law

  12. kallium says:

    really good i am from bankwood we did so well

  13. Charlottiiiee says:

    Demm Primaary Schooool dayyss went sooooooo FAST!!!!!! xxxx

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