Glogster – Create your own multimedia posters

November 19, 2008

CLC Glog

There are hundreds of new applications appearing on the web every day, but it’s not often you find one that ticks all the boxes for educational use. Glogster is such a one. Here you can create your own “Glogs”, essentially a poster with images, text, video, web links and sound. There is a large choice of backgrounds, types of text boxes, video players etc, to make it a very personal piece of work.

Perhaps most importantly, you can sign up for an educational account, where you can create up to 200 student accounts, and all Glogs can be seen by everyone in your class, but no-one else. There is the option to send messages via the site, which could be used for peer review (and since the teacher can see exactly who is sending what, there shouldn’t be any abuse of the system).

These Glogs would be perfect for presenting information in any subject and key stage, particularly for Modern Languages (reading, writing, listening and speaking all in one project), History (document a historical event, do mock interviews with the key people), Geography (project on the local area, with interviews, photographs etc.), English (interesting ways or presenting information, both spoken and written), Art (could be used in the planning stages of a piece of work, with sketches, commentary, links to artists). It is also a great way to document a field trip or visit.

To see a glog I created about the CLC, click here.

Update – Large video files take a while to appear in the Video box once you have uploaded them, so do be patient.

The Legend of Perseus and Medusa

November 17, 2008

Two year 5 classes from Bankwood Primary School came to the CLC last week to create stop motion animation films of the legend of Perseus and Medusa. They created some fantastic sets on cardboard, and made characters out of plasticine. Each group spent the morning animating a scene from the story using Stop Motion Pro – we felt that although it worked well enough, it wasn’t as easy to use as I Can Animate (but we bought it before I can Animate was released for the PC). The pupils learnt that it was very important not to knock the set or the camera, otherwise it looked like an earthquake had happened. The biggest problem was making sure there was enough animation to fit the dialogue to, especially in scenes with less action.

The afternoon was spent editing the film in Windows Movie Maker – adding music, titles and effects. I think you’ll agree that the final films look excellent, and the pupils and staff learnt a great deal about working together as a team, using the equipment, and the patience needed to create a masterpiece in plasticine.

Meadowhead Drama!

November 5, 2008

meadowhead_dramaYear 11 students from Meadowhead School have been working at the CLC to improve their appreciation of a text they are studying in drama. Small groups were filmed acting out a scene from Mark Wheeller’s play “Too Much Punch for Judy”, and then they edited the footage to look at different camera angles and add effects where appropriate.

Teacher Elaine Pollard said, “[it] was a rewarding and worthwhile experience for staff and students alike and really helped the group improve upon their self-confidence to perform in front of each other. I hope that projects like this become an integral part of our work in Drama and plans have already been made to repeat this kind of work with a Year 10 group.”