The Legend of Perseus and Medusa

Two year 5 classes from Bankwood Primary School came to the CLC last week to create stop motion animation films of the legend of Perseus and Medusa. They created some fantastic sets on cardboard, and made characters out of plasticine. Each group spent the morning animating a scene from the story using Stop Motion Pro – we felt that although it worked well enough, it wasn’t as easy to use as I Can Animate (but we bought it before I can Animate was released for the PC). The pupils learnt that it was very important not to knock the set or the camera, otherwise it looked like an earthquake had happened. The biggest problem was making sure there was enough animation to fit the dialogue to, especially in scenes with less action.

The afternoon was spent editing the film in Windows Movie Maker – adding music, titles and effects. I think you’ll agree that the final films look excellent, and the pupils and staff learnt a great deal about working together as a team, using the equipment, and the patience needed to create a masterpiece in plasticine.


One Response to The Legend of Perseus and Medusa

  1. This are FANTASTIC! The kids must be over the moon.

    The backgrounds and characters integrate beautifully so there is a real sense of place, and I’m impressed by all the different scene changes too. The action is nicely directed too – I imagine it would be easy for them to seem a bit static, but they have a great pace. Well done all!

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