Online Scrapbook / Yearbook

June 1, 2009

scrapblogThis may be relevant currently, as students are finishing the year. Scrapblog is a way of creating an online scrapbook or yearbook, using text, images, video and a large number of ready made graphics. You can choose one of their themes, or create one from scratch with your own designs. Addition – to start from scratch you need to buy the stickers, backgrounds etc. There are, however, a large number of themes that are free, and these come with a number of stickers and backgrounds for free, so it is still possible to personalise your scrapblog without paying anything.

We are already planning on working with a year 6 class on creating a virtual yearbook, and this may be the perfect solution for all their memories.

Once you have finished your scrapblog, you can publish it and share it with everyone, or choose to only allow your friends to see it (obviously we stress with young people that the latter is the option they should be choosing). All of this is free, the cost only comes into it if you’d like a printed version. They do three versions, with the cheapest at $9.99. The catch (and it’s a big one) is that the delivery to the UK will cost a whopping $71! Hopefully this will come down as time goes on. However you can download each page as a jpeg (see image below) and you can print these if you want a hard copy.

Click on the image to see our example (as you can see, all my students were photographed at Chatsworth House!):

SSCLC scrapblog

SSCLC scrapblog2