Spanish Summer School #1

We have been running a number of summer schools at the CLC over the summer holidays, including a three day Spanish summer school. We had fourteen year 5 and 6 students learning the basics in Spanish, whilst using lots of ICT. They started with greetings, asking how you are and what your name is. They then used Comic Life to create short conversations illustrated with pictures of their choice:

comic1comic 2

Everyone then recorded their conversations using mp3 recorders and uploaded both comic strips and audio to Glogster.

On the second day the students learnt the numbers, how to say where you live and some simple weather. They then wrote and performed weather forecasts for a particular Spanish-speaking country in front of the green screen, so they could have a picture of the country in the background. They edited these in  Windows Movie Maker (once the backgrounds had been added in Adobe Premiere) and posted them onto their Glogs together with information they had found out about their country.

On day 3 they learnt the colours and pets, and in pairs created a short animation about animals – you can see all their efforts below.

In all it was a successful few days, and the use of ICT certainly seemed to be very effective in helping the participants learn their Spanish. Here is one parent’s feedback regarding her daughter’s experience:

“After her first day she came home and she had learnt more in one day than she had doing a year of Spanish at school! It has renewed her enthusiasm – combining technology/language and creativity has worked really well. Many thanks!”


3 Responses to Spanish Summer School #1

  1. sarah Mann says:

    A huge thank you to all involved. My daughter had a wonderful time and was engaged, motivated and enthused – some achievement at the end of a busy school year. A great example of the best sort of learning I.e having so much fun, you don’t realise you’re learning…

  2. Gadget_Blog says:

    Great post, really help me alot. Thanks.


  3. Suzie Vesper says:

    Hi there – I am putting together an article about Comic Life for a NZ ICT in education magazine called Interface.
    I would love to include some of the examples you have created such as in this blog post. Could you let me know if that would be OK by emailing me on

    I have also put the example on a wiki page but can take it down if you would prefer

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