Talbot students learn about life during WW2

A year 7 class at Talbot Special School came to the CLC to create a film about life during World War 2 as part of a unit of work on the topic. The students learnt all about air raids, how families built Anderson shelters in their gardens, rationing, wartime songs and poems. They built fantastic sets for an animation, and recorded songs and poems to include in the film, using the green screen to add suitable photos as a backdrop. The project really brought the topic to life, and helped the students understand how life may have been back then. What particularly impressed me was how well the class worked as a team on the animation, taking it in turns to take the pictures, direct and move the characters, and always supporting their less able peers. You can see an extract of the film below:


One Response to Talbot students learn about life during WW2

  1. Helen Cade says:

    I really loved your film – especially the bit where the family has to run past a veggie patch in the air raid – how observant of you to use a veggie patch and not a flower bed. Growing your own vegetables meant that you could supplement your meagre official food rations and therefore a flower bed would probably been considered very impractical during the war.

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