Primary Cross-Curricular Music Project

This term we have big plans for a cross-curricular music project with Valley Park Primary School. It began with the purchase of our Nintendo Wiis, including the Wii Music software, and was inspired by the work done by Ollie Bray in Scotland using Guitar Hero as a starting point for transition work (see article here).

Two year 6 classes are spending a morning at the CLC over 5 weeks this term and will be completing some or all of the following:

  • Writing and recording a song based on work they are currently doing at school.
  • Creating a music video using the Green Screen, animation, photos etc to accompany the song.
  • Designing a CD cover, posters and any other merchandise for the video.
  • Planning a European Tour for the musicians, researching transport (including carbon footprint), languages spoken and interesting facts about the cities to be visited.
  • Learning about sound and pitch to fit in with science work.
  • Reporting on the work being done and contributing to a project blog.
  • And if there’s time – learning to play a few instruments on the Wii!

We’re very excited about the whole thing, and hope the pupils will be too. I’ll be updating the blog with our progress as the term goes on.


3 Responses to Primary Cross-Curricular Music Project

  1. OllieBray says:

    Sounds great to me and always nice to know that someone feels inspired by som eof the work we have done. Keep me posted on the project – I will be really interested to know how it goes!

    Happy New Year – Ollie

    • ssclc says:

      Thanks Ollie, Chris, our main hurdle to starting is the weather at the moment! Will try and update the blog regularly with updates on the project.

  2. Sounds great, Catherine. Love the fact that it covers so many different parts of the curriculum.

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