So you want to post text, documents, audio, video and photographs online, at no cost, but you have no idea how to set up a website and even a blog seems a bit complicated? Well Posterous may just be for you.

This is an incredibly simple way of blogging – you sign up for an account with an e-mail address and simply e-mail Posterous with your content. The subject line of your e-mail becomes the title of the post, and any message appears as the text – the application puts it in reverse chronological order, like blogs do. More impressive is how it deals with multimedia content – attach a single photo to your e-mail and it will add it into the post. Attach multiple photos and it will create a gallery with thumbnails. Video and audio files appear in a media player, Word documents and PowerPoints appear as a Scribd document (so you can read and scroll through the document on the webpage, without having to open the file).

You can also add a bookmarking widget to your bookmarks toolbar, so that any text, video or image you find on the internet can be grabbed and sent straight to your Posterous page. Posts can be tagged with keywords so it i’s easy to find information on a particular subject.

This is the ideal site to use as a class blog, as you can document everything that goes on in the classroom quickly and easily, and it can be password protected (or individual posts can be made private). If you want students to use it, they will need their own e-mail addresses, and you can add any number of contributors to a single Posterous site. The only limit is the 1Gb of space each Posterous site is assigned.

I’ve used one this term with a primary school to report on the cross-curricular music project we are doing – with pupils writing the reports, taking photos and posting them to the Posterous blog here.

Here are a couple more examples:


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