Primary Cross-Curricular Music Project – Week #1

Finally the snow stopped long enough for the first year 6 class from Valley Park School to get to the CLC on Friday. I’d visited the class the day before to talk a bit more about the project and assign some roles. Work was already underway on the song to be recorded, which is about Machines – the current topic being studied, and some ideas had been explored by the Video Concept Group.

In terms of roles, I was delighted to have a volunteer to be the Director and general boss of things from the students, her first role was to fill in a Google Calendar with tasks for the upcoming sessions. The other pupils were split up roughly into two groups – the Music Video Group and the Publicity Group. During Friday’s session (9.30-12.00) the Video Concept Group firmed up their ideas and looked at some examples of storyboards before beginning their own. A group of dancers began choreographing a dance to a section of the music (based on Kylie Minogue’s Locomotion!)

The animators began designing their characters using Paint. I also spent some time training up two camera people to use the video and still cameras – before starting the filming of each pupil playing an instrument to be used in the video.

Meanwhile the Publicity Group were hard at work coming up with a name for the band (they decided on “The Equals”) and then designing T-Shirts. The three bloggers took photos of the proceedings and wrote their first post on the Posterous site (which can be seen here – please note this may become password protected at a later date). Throughout the morning pairs of students also tried out the Nintendo Wii, learning to play instruments on Wii Music.

Generally it was a very successful first session. We will perhaps have a struggle to get everything done in 4 weeks, but as always it is the process not the outcome that is most important.


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