Primary Cross-Curricular Music Project – Week #2

So the song has been written and recorded in our recording studio, and now just needs a few finishing touches by Mr. Hilton at school. The Locomotion dance is ready to be filmed and the animators have all their characters ready to be brought to life.

Last week the Publicity Group struggled at bit with the unstructured nature of the project, so this week I gave them a very clear task – to finish the T-shirt design.  First I showed them examples of exisiting t-shirts, both old (Beatles) and new (JLS) and go them thinking about what kind of design they wanted. I also showed them how to work with text in Adobe Flash – making interesting patterns and changing the font. I know this isn’t normally the kind of software one would use, but it’s one I’m very familiar with and it is relatively easy to use.

After some paper and pencil planning, the students got on with their final designs which we then voted on. You can see it here – the pupil actually designed it on a website and so I worked with him translating the design into Flash, and losing the less appropriate images and text!

Meanwhile the bloggers were photographing everything that moved and started some interviewing. The school is lucky enough to have Jon Windle, previously the lead singer of Little Man Tate, working with them at the moment, so he was duly interviewed. The audio of the interview can be found on the blog here. Unfortunately their enthusiasm doesn’t stretch to writing up a report on what has been happening each week, something to work on next week!

In all, progress has been made, but it is really tough to ensure everyone is engaged at all times. Year 6 pupils definitely need plenty of structure to their sessions, even when they are interested in what they are doing.


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