French Colours and Numbers Photostories

A year 4 class from Woodseats Primary School spent the afternoon at the CLC yesterday. The aim was to practise the numbers and colours in French whilst learning some new ICT skills.  Originally we thought of creating animations, but with such a short space of time I decided that using Microsoft’s Photostory would be more successful.

I sourced a number of photographs using Flickr, searching using the Creative Commons licence. These were either colouful objects and animals (mainly cognates, e.g. tigre), or a number of items in your school bag (e.g. 2 rulers). We practised the numbers and colours as a whole class, and showed them how to use Photostory. They then chose to do the numbers or colours Photostory, and added French text to each photo. They could choose to add the word for the colour or number, or write a simple sentence with support from a vocabulary list, e.g. la banane est jaune.

Whilst they were working I took groups out to record the colours and numbers using an mp3 recorder, and the audio was then added to the Photostories.

The class teacher said, “Thank you very much for this afternoon’s work.  My class loved it!  They got so much out of the afternoon’s experience.  I have told the children we are going to use our animations as part of our next class assembly.

(Photos from by:

.stocker, Yea I Knit, Louisa Catlover, looseends, someToast, Timothy K Hamilton, fernando, roarpett, digitalART2, ~ Panache, Damon Green, Jason Gulledge, santoshnc)


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