Primary Cross-Curricular Music Project – Final Summary

March 22, 2010

The four weeks with the Valley Park year 6 class passed far too quickly, but it is all over and the music video has been completed.

The Publicity group continued with posters, and presentations and diary entries about the World tour, all of which can be seen on the project blog at During the final session they held a Wii Music competition, to see who would record the best version of the Locomotion, playing instruments of their choice.

Over the last two weeks the animation group discovered that their story was a little complicated, and had to simplify it all. As this group also made up the editing group, there wasn’t much time for the pupils to edit the video in the final session. However they communicated their vision for the film and I hope to have done it justice:



Newfield Transition Days

March 19, 2010

Six of the feeder schools to Newfield  sent their year 6 classes to the CLC preparing them for transition to secondary school. Each group participated in three activities during the day:

1. A GPS walk around the school, using a GPS logger (see post about it here) to record the route they took. The pupils took photos of the school site on their journey and back at the CLC they used to edit them. They added text on the images according to what they had learnt on the walk around the school. These were added to the GPS trail, and posted on the internet. We then viewed the finished trail and talked about some of the statistics, such as how far we had travelled, what altitude meant etc. For an example click here.
Initially I’d thought about the students annotating the photos in the a-trip software that comes with the GPS loggers, but this soon showed itself to be impractical, as the track would have to uploaded to every PC individually. Having them annotate in Picnik was much easier and gave me time to upload the track.

2. Ghastlies drama filming – in small groups the pupils scripted, rehearsed and then filmed a short role play about any worries they might have about moving up to secondary school, e.g being bullied, and how they might resolve these issues.

3. Friendship presentations – the pupils wrote about their friends and how their relationships might change as they move schools, using PowerPoint (we wanted to use Glogster, but this is still running slowly through our broadband provider). They added photos of themselves and their friends in the class, plus Wordles of keywords about friendship.

All the students had a great time during the day, and we received some very positive comments from staff and pupils. One pupil who admitted she had been scared about going to Newfield said she now couldn’t wait!

Updated 29/03/10


Greedy Mr. Fox

March 5, 2010

From by Everything is Permuted

A year 1 class from Lowedges came in two groups to the CLC over the last couple of weeks to consolidate their work on the Pie Corbett story, The Fox and His Bag. They began by being filmed retelling the tale with actions in front of the green screen. We searched for some images using the Advanced Search on that were Creative Commons licensed to use as the backgrounds. In pairs they were also filmed as reporters interviewing the characters from the story. The pupils came up with their own questions and answers, which varied a lot in quality, but kept us all entertained.

Group 2 came with props and costumes in order to act out key scenes in front of the green screen. They then created a short animation (see below) using a toy frog, puppy and rat. In addition we looked at different expressions, and took photographs of pupils’ faces being sad, happy, curious, angry etc. Finally the students did some Freeze Frames of moments in the story.

All of the activities helped the class to remember the story and think deeper about the actions and feelings of all the characters.