Greedy Mr. Fox

From by Everything is Permuted

A year 1 class from Lowedges came in two groups to the CLC over the last couple of weeks to consolidate their work on the Pie Corbett story, The Fox and His Bag. They began by being filmed retelling the tale with actions in front of the green screen. We searched for some images using the Advanced Search on that were Creative Commons licensed to use as the backgrounds. In pairs they were also filmed as reporters interviewing the characters from the story. The pupils came up with their own questions and answers, which varied a lot in quality, but kept us all entertained.

Group 2 came with props and costumes in order to act out key scenes in front of the green screen. They then created a short animation (see below) using a toy frog, puppy and rat. In addition we looked at different expressions, and took photographs of pupils’ faces being sad, happy, curious, angry etc. Finally the students did some Freeze Frames of moments in the story.

All of the activities helped the class to remember the story and think deeper about the actions and feelings of all the characters.


2 Responses to Greedy Mr. Fox

  1. Pie Corbett says:

    I just love the animation – and the music makes it sound so dramatic and exciting. You have been so clever. I love the story of the Greedy Fox and am so pleased that you have been telling it. Have you found any other good stories to tell?

  2. Nicola Mitchell says:

    We have been telling lots of stories, the kids loved Why dog lives with man! This is the only story we have told at Newfield CLC but I definately paln to go back.

    Thank you for the message.

    Nicola Mitchell
    Year One Class Teacher at Lowedges

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