Virtual Keyboard for Languages

The bain of my life as a language teacher was trying to get the students to add accented letters in the right place in their work. This was made doubly hard when using the computer because they would have to remember a keyboard shortcut or use Insert > Symbol to do so.

This Virtual Keyboard from Soundbooth Plus is a nice solution to the problem (although it won’t help pupils remember where the accents have to be placed!)

It is a free download (here) for educators and on opening the application a new window appears with a keyboard and space for text. You can choose a language from French, German, Italian, Cymraeg, Greek, Spanish, Russian & Ukrainian, and the relevant accented letters or alphabet appear. Type in your text by clicking on the suitable characters on the Virtual Keyboard. When you’re done, highlight the text, right-click, copy and paste where you need it.


2 Responses to Virtual Keyboard for Languages

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