New Interactive Floor Projection

We recently bought a new bit of kit for the CLC, called OMi-Vista, from Om-Interactive. It comprises a projector, mounted in the ceiling of our Creative Space, attached to a computer with the software on it, and a piece of white vinyl on the floor – approximately 2 by 3 metres. There are around 200 ready-made activities on the computer, and students can interact with images on the floor using hands, feet or any part of their body that moves. The activities include:

  • A drum kit
  • A football pitch with football you can “kick” around
  • Splatting beetles
  • Leaving a trail of flowers as you walk
  • Scattering leaves
  • Water features that ripple with movement
  • Stepping on pictures of farmyard animals to reveal the word

It has been particularly effective in use with students with special educational needs, for example students with profound and multiple learning difficulties can benefit from the cause and effect nature of the activities. Young people with physical disabilities can lie or sit on the floor and interact with the images around them, which is an excellent stimulus for movement. I also envisage it being used with Early Years groups.

I particularly like the fact that you can create your own activities based on the templates, so we have had some 60s-inspired activities for our neighbouring Special School’s Beatles Week.

This video will give you a taste of what it can do (each activity comes with its own audio, e.g. popping of the bubbles, or sound of water):

If you would like to book your class into the CLC to use this resource, please  give us a ring on 2587728.


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