Talbot Space Project

March 17, 2011

A y10/11 class from Talbot School used the CLC this term to create a film for their Space project. They began by creating science fiction sounds and music in Garageband on the Apple Macbooks. Garageband is a great tool for composing music and creating soundtracks as it comes with a large number of sound effects and music loops that can be combined in layers. Some of the pupils managed to work independently, to choose sounds they liked and drag them across to different tracks. Others needed a bit more support, but all were involved in making decisions about the sounds they wanted.

In a later session the class acted out scenes in space in front of the Green Screen, for example lifting off in the rocket, walking on the moon and planting flags. This footage will be accompanied by the sound tracks they created.

Mundella Y3/4 Animations

March 16, 2011

Three classes from Mundella School have visited the CLC this term to create some animations. Two classes animated part of the story of The Iron Man by Ted Hughes, using some fantastic hand painted sets and props.

The third class had been learning about explorers, and created animations set in the Antarctic based on Scott’s expedition to the South Pole, again with some beautifully painted backdrops and penguins.