OMi-Vista use with Norfolk Park School

May 13, 2011

A class from Norfolk Park School visited the CLC over the last two weeks to use the OMi Vista interactive floor projector. The class members have a range of Special Educational Needs, and they really enjoyed the time on the mat.

Their teacher, Laura Cryer, talked about the benefits for the pupils of “learning that their actions cause a reaction on the mat”, and having “a safe environment to play with water, a media that they are wary of normally.” The water activities were particularly good for one child who could use his whole body to interact with the projection, by jumping into the pond to make ripples. She also explained that “experiencing pictures of objects in different environments helps to extend and reinforce their language”.

If you want to book your class in to use the OMi Vista, please call us on (0114) 2587728.