TeachMeet SEN

February 29, 2012

Animation exampleSorry for the long hiatus in posts on the blog, but I have returned from maternity leave and have lots of exciting things to blog about already. On the 28th January I travelled down to Leicester for a TeachMeet with a SEN focus. A TeachMeet is essentially a load of teachers (and other educators) getting together to talk about great stuff they’ve done in the classroom, often with technology, but not always.

It was really nice to meet face-to-face some of the people I follow on Twitter, and whose blogs I read. Here are just some of the things I learnt:

  • Tony Shepherd (@grumbledook) showed a video about using iPads with visually impaired learners. The accessibility features are very useful, for example the screen reader with the Pages app; Documents to Go with a magnifier; voiceover on the scientific calculator.
  • Bev Evans (@bevevans22) mentioned Befuddlr.com which creates jigsaw puzzles from images uploaded to Flickr. She also showed a great video of a Beebot’s eye view – using a Flip camera, gorilla tripod and tape.
  • Mary Farmer (@ebd35) showed some great films made by a couple of boys in her class who really don’t like writing, but loved telling a story to accompany their drawings – using an iPhone to record the audio and take photos of the drawings, then putting them together in iMovie. These can be viewed here.
  • Marc Faulder uses Kinect games, like Kinectimals, to support physical literacy amongst his pupils. He also uses the Kinectimals app for the iPad in order to practise fine motor skills. His blog is at http://enablingenvironments.posterous.com.

I gave a presentation about using animation to support literacy, based on the work I’ve done with the Sheffield special schools. Here is a link to my presentation: Using animation to support literacy.

Thanks to Jo Badge (@jobadge) and Josie Fraser (@josiefraser) for organising. All of the resources and presentations will be posted on a mini-site soon. I’ll link to it as soon as it goes live.