SEN Computing Day

December 12, 2013
It has been clear ever since the new Programs of Study for 2014 were published that the new Computing Curriculum was going to cause a few issues for teachers in all schools, as there is quite a shift in emphasis from teaching ICT. The newer elements of programming and computational thinking are intimidating for non-specialists in mainstream schools, not to mention teachers working with pupils with special needs. As a result of this we decided to run an SEN Computing Day on the 6th February here at Sheffield South City Learning Centre in order to provide teachers in special schools and similar settings with the knowledge to understand what the newer elements might entail and practical ideas how to teach them to pupils with moderate and severe learning difficulties.

The day was very successful and you can read reports about the day in two blog posts on the official Sheffield eLearning Team website here and here.

There is also a wiki for sharing resources and ideas for teaching computing to pupils with special needs and disabilities: