Meadowhead Drama!

November 5, 2008

meadowhead_dramaYear 11 students from Meadowhead School have been working at the CLC to improve their appreciation of a text they are studying in drama. Small groups were filmed acting out a scene from Mark Wheeller’s play “Too Much Punch for Judy”, and then they edited the footage to look at different camera angles and add effects where appropriate.

Teacher Elaine Pollard said, “[it] was a rewarding and worthwhile experience for staff and students alike and really helped the group improve upon their self-confidence to perform in front of each other. I hope that projects like this become an integral part of our work in Drama and plans have already been made to repeat this kind of work with a Year 10 group.”

Comic Life

March 11, 2008

Comic Life is an excellent bit of software that helps students create very attractive comic strips, using photos, speech bubbles, colourful titles and a large number of layouts. It can be used for story-telling, or story-boarding a film or play, and therefore is useful in a large number of curriculum areas. Recently at the CLC it was used to tell the story of Martin Luther King in history, and also to storyboard the French films about the new school.

See examples Notre college and Notre college 2.

The CLC has Comic Life in both large computer rooms, or you can download a 30 day free trial from It has both PC and Mac versions.