Weather Enquiry at Meadowhead

July 7, 2008

Year 7 geography students at Meadowhead School investigated the best place to put a new bench in the school grounds using Glofiish M700 Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs). They used WildData software to log information at each site, such as temperature, wind direction and aspect, as well as taking photos of the sites. This was collated and transferred into Excel for analysis in the classroom.

The majority of the students enjoyed the experience, with all of them keen to do a future project using the PDAs. Generally they found it better than using pen and paper, “because it’s more active”, although some were nervous about dropping the equipment. There were some technical difficulties, with the screen being hard to read in the sunlight, and a couple of PDAs froze, but the pupils managed to complete all the tasks well. Matt Podbury, teacher of Geography at Meadowhead, enjoyed the experience, adding that “the students were very responsive.”

Science revision for SATs using PDAs

May 6, 2008

Looking at food groups with the PDA.Fifty-one year 6 pupils from Sir Harold Jackson Primary School took part in a project to revise what they have learnt in science lessons using Glofiish M700 PDAs (personal digital assistants – i.e. small, handheld computers) last week. They worked in small groups, following a trail around the school, with experiments and questions on their surroundings at 6 stations. For example they answered questions on the life cycle of the frog at the pond, and grappled with forces in the adventure playground.

Despite the showery weather, all of the pupils reported that they enjoyed it. One pupil said she enjoyed it “because you could get involved and experiment with the items.” Another said “it is good to be outside for learning and it’s a really fun idea.”

The year 6 teachers were all agreed that it was good revision and the pupils were engaged throughout.

If you are interested in undertaking in a similar project, contact Catherine at the CLC (0114 2587728).