Chocolate Glogs from Totley Primary

May 20, 2009

A Year 4 class from Totley Primary visited the CLC yesterday to present the information they had learnt about Chocolate. Initially their teacher had asked to use Publisher to create leaflets, but after seeing the possiblities that Glogster offered, she decided that chocolate glogs were a better, and more varied, way to present the information.

Before they arrived, the class took photos of their trip to a chocolate factory and their classroom display about the subject. They also borrowed some of our Flip Mino video cameras to record short interviews about their likes and dislikes, as well as jingles for made up chocolate bars.

The teacher had created an educational account on Glogster, with accounts for all the students. This meant that the Glogs remained private except to other members of the class. Each pupil created their own Glog, using text, images and video about Chocolate. They could customise the look of their Glog to suit their own personal taste, which they really liked. There is always a danger that pupils spend more time on the aesthetics than the content, but with close monitoring from the teacher, this shouldn’t be a problem.

The finished posters were excellent, and the pupils remained focussed all morning on the task. For the last half hour of the session they were allowed to use the inbuilt messaging application, to talk to their friends. This is an excellent way of providing feedback, both between the pupils, and from the teacher. It is also an opportunity to discuss how to behave online towards others.

The class teacher, Nicola Wileman, gave us some audio feedback. Please click here to hear it.