Weston Park Interactive Trails – Feedback

October 15, 2008
Museums Sheffield

Museums Sheffield

As you may be aware from previous posts, the museum at Weston Park has a number of Ultra Mobile PCs (UMPCs) – essentially computers you can carry around with you, and two interactive trails to accompany the exhibits. The two trails are Ancient Egypt and Animal Adaptation and are aimed at year 6 pupils. This summer the UMPCs have been available for family groups to use during their visit.

The feedback from the primary school and family sessions has been excellent:

“Great way of getting children to interact with the artefacts.”

“Kept them on task and directed their activity, at the same time allowing them to work at their own pace and in any order.”

“Recording answers verbally instead of writing them was much better for the SEN group. Higher achievers could use the audio facility to add expression and be creative, such as making it like a news report.”

If you are interested in taking part in one of the Trails with your class, see the previous post here for details, or contact Pauline Sharkey on 0114 278 2655, pauline.sharkey@museums-sheffield.org.uk.

Science Trail

Science Trail

Weston Park Interactive Primary Trails

May 20, 2008

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There are now two possible trails that can be completed by primary classes at Weston Park using Ultra Mobile Computers (UMPCs). There is the History Trail, looking at the museum’s collection of Ancient Egyptian artefacts, and a Science Trail, which investigates animal adaptation. The trails are aimed at year 6 pupils, with students working in small groups to complete interactive exercises and record their findings.

There will be an INSET afternoon at the museum on the 24th June (12.45-16.00) for year 6 teachers. The session is free and supply cover will be paid for. The INSET will provide teachers with an opportunity to follow the animal adaptation trail, learn how to use the UMPCs and provide feedback on the trail.

Science Trail

From September 2008, Museums Sheffield will only offer the UMPC sessions as part of a full day package (the other half of the day will be a led workshop about the same curriculum area) for which there will be a charge. As an attendee of the INSET day, you will be able to book your class onto the full day package free of charge in the next school year. Alternatively, you may bring your class for the free half-day session this summer term.

  • To find out more about the UMPC sessions or to book a place on the INSET afternoon, please contact:

Jacqueline O’Neil, E-Learning Co-ordinator
0114 2782653

  • To book a half-day session for your class to attend this summer term, please contact:

Pauline Sharkey, Learning Bookings Administrator, 0114 2782655

The UMPC project has been supported by the South Yorkshire e-Learning Programme and Sheffield South CLC, and funded by the European Union Social Fund.

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Ancient Egypt Trail

October 4, 2007


SSCLC have been working with the South Yorkshire e-Learning Programme (SYeLP) to create an Ancient Egypt Trail at Weston Park Museum using ultra-mobile computers (UMPCs). The computers are smaller than a laptop, and are ideal for carrying around the museum to complete the work. SYeLP created some interactive content to go on the computers, including images of exhibits, videos of the curator, and interactive quizzes and games to help the pupils learn. Pupils recorded their voices to answer questions about what they learnt.

Three ShabtisA class of year 6 pupils trialled the Trail last term, and they really enjoyed using the computers. Their teacher said “Giving the children a chance to record their voices really focussed them on what they were trying to say.”

A number of primary teachers will be attending a training session on using the Trail on the 22nd October at the museum.

Photo by Sheffield Galleries and Museums Trust